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Biostok Foliage

Basic Package - BELEAF 2" Plants

Basic Package - BELEAF 2" Plants


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The BELEAF package offers an amazing selection of plants, ranging from the rarest to the most basic ones, all for an affordable price. These plants are not only beautiful, but also very easy to take care of, even for beginners. With proper care, these plants can grow to be stunning full-size plants that will add a touch of nature to any room in your home.

This package includes the next plants: 

  • Calathea Lancifolia
  • Calathea Ornata
  • Calathea Rufibarba
  • Calathea Zebrina
  • Calathea Picyurata
  • Calateha Jessey Princess
  • Calathea ilustris 
  • Calathea Rosy
  • Calathea Gecko
  • Calathea Whitestar 
  • Syngonium Golden Allusion
  • Calathea Makayona
  • Stromanthe Triostar 
  • Alocasia Polly 
  • Kaempferia Shazam "Elegans"
  • Syngonium SIlver Fox
  • Dracaena Giganta
  • Philodendron Sun Red 
  • Sybgonium Neon Pink 
  • Philodendron Paraiso Verde
  • Ananas Mi Amigo 
  • Ficus Shiveriana
  • Philodendron Billieatiea Croat
  •  Alocasia Mirror Face
  • Syngonium Confetti
  • Philodendron Atabapoense 


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